COVID-19 Resources

How is COVID-19 quarantine defined under the NY law, and how does the COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave work?

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing is covered:

We’d like to remind you that the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, passed by Congress on March 18th, includes provisions for health plans to provide coverage for COVID-19 diagnostic testing with no member cost-sharing.

For small group health plans (less than 100 employees), please find the carrier links below, which include access to each of the carrier’s telemedicine benefits. These benefits are offered at no cost (for the time being) to actively enrolled members.

Response and Risk Mitigation:

Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Guidance from Other Federal Agencies and Partners:

State of New York Resources:

Carrier Claim and Billing Resources

Information from our Carriers: