Construction Industry Roundup

Posted by John Cofini on Wed, Aug 26, 2020 @ 01:51 PM

construction-industry-roundupIn the ever-changing construction industry, it’s good to be informed. From current COVID-19 information to hurricane preparedness, here are some things we think you should know.

COVID-19 and returning to work safely

The construction industry has been affected by closures just like everyone else, but what do you need to do to ensure a safe-again workplace? According to this list from New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF), there are many simple, yet effective ways to make sure your employees are heading safely back to work.

Hurricane season is here, are you ready?

Hurricanes are just another part of living on the coast and knowing how to prepare and respond to them is key to a successful recovery because we know it is not a matter of if they will hit, but when. Having a plan in place for your business and employees is key to being organized in the event of a loss. OSHA has tips, tricks, and resources to make hurricane season bearable and easier to navigate. Whether you’re working on a high rise or a residence, you do not want to be caught out in the storm.

First Aid training could save lives

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), it takes approximately 10 minutes without oxygen for someone to become brain dead which is shorter than the average emergency medical response time. Scheduling proper first aid, CPR, and AED training for your employees may save a life. The NSC offers these courses in a convenient format for you along with refresher courses in-person and online. Whether you get your employees (and yourself) into a classroom or make the online course part of the hiring process, there is no doubt that it will be a benefit for them on and off the job.

Fall prevention … Yes, again

Fall prevention is mentioned all the time in the construction industry, but there is a good reason. In 2018, OSHA reports that approximately 32% of construction fatalities were contributed to falls. OSHA is promoting their “PLAN, PROVIDE, TRAIN” campaign to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable and safe in the industry. They have posted materials, fact sheets, and other resources to make fall safety easy and top of mind for the construction industry.

Builders Risk Insurance: Do you have it? Do you need it?

You already know the importance of placing insurance on a structure after it is complete, right? Do you also know the importance of obtaining insurance for that same structure while you are working on it? Make sure you are asking your insurance agent the right questions when you are planning a new project. Who has the insurable interest? Which kinds of losses should I purchase coverage for? Do I need coverage for materials and property in transit? IRMI provides an extensive list of what you should look for and why. Providing your agent with a copy of the contract and any subcontract agreements is always beneficial as well.

If you are curious to learn move about construction insurance or risk management, BNC Insurance is here to help. Please contact us to learn more.

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